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Our Logo

Our logo is a lotus flower, the national flower of India. In nature, the lotus has only pink or white petals, although we have used a light blue colour.

The lotus flower represents purity and divine beauty, so at Smile Lounge we take this to mean the purity of healthy teeth and gums and the beauty of an attractive smile.

The way we work

Our aim is for us all to enjoy your visits with us. We would like to take the time to get to know you and make your time with us pleasurable. If you are happy because of your experience with us, you will invite your friends to see us. We will continue to grow and prosper, and we can feel proud that we have helped you achieve what you want. We believe that we can do this by creating a warm, unhurried and happy environment for us all.

We know that not everyone wants what we have to offer. Some people prefer the Drill, Fill and Bill style of dentistry where there is little time for discussion and little friendliness. If you want to cut corners and do patch-up dentistry, we probably can’t help you. We like to do long-term dentistry that looks great and is cheaper in the long run.

Please read the Smile Lounge Courtesy System, this applies to us and you. Please also read our Terms and Conditions below.

The Smile Lounge Courtesy System

  1. Speak very politely using a person’s name-‘Please’ & ‘Thank you’ as a minimum.
  1. When you talk about a person who is not present, speak as if they are listening to your conversation. Use the person’s name in each sentence in which you refer to them.
  1. If you have a problem with someone talk about the problem with them, and in private.
  2. Apologise & make restitution if someone is upset by your actions.
  3. Greet and farewell everyone by name and eye contact.
  4. Blame the system not a person.
  5. Tell the truth!
  6. Use positive conversation.

Smile Lounge Terms and Conditions

Our responsibilities to you

Making all clinical decisions in your best interests is our top priority.

Communication   We will inform you of your diagnosis, treatment options and fees before we start.

Consent   We will obtain permission from you before we start any treatment.

Confidentiality   We will not reveal to third parties any information that you provide to us, unless you consent to it.

Your responsibilities to Smile Lounge 

Appointments  Please give us 2 working days notice if you need to cancel or rebook.

Deposit  We require a deposit of £120 an hour to book an appointment. This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel without 2 working days notice or if you miss your appointment.

We charge a fee of £120 per hour for late cancellations and missed appointments

If you fail or cancel 3 appointments without giving 2 working days notice we will help you to find another dentist

Reminders         Smile Lounge will endeavour to remind all patients of all their appointments but I understand that the above charges will still apply even if I am not reminded of my appointment.

Treatment fee   We will inform you of the cost of treatment before we start and then request that you keep the payments up to date with your treatment. Please note that an administrative surcharge of 35% will apply to outstanding amounts at end of treatment.

Referrals  We grow our business through word-of-mouth recommendation. If you are happy with the results of your

treatment, we may invite you to recommend at least one other patient just like you (We don’t ask everybody)

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