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Nervous patients

We love nervous patients

"I'm really nervous"

Nervous patients are very welcome at Smile Lounge. We love nervous patients. We see nervous patients all the time and we enjoy helping them achieve dental health and a perfect smile.

How do we do this?

  • We listen without judging or criticising. We won't make you feel guilty or embarrassed. We want to hear your story.

  • We'll find out exactly what it is you are nervous about: maybe you had an experience that has really undermined your confidence and your trust in dentistry?

  • We have a calm manner

  • We will work slowly and sensitively

  • We will give you a Stress Beeper so you can stop us at any time

  • We play calming music - many patients fall asleep while having their treatment

  • We offer Oral and IV sedation - a really effective way to manage anxiety

  • Have you ever used the "cough technique" to help with injections? Adult and child patients report no pain when we use this technique.

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I myself had a wisdom tooth removed by a dentist friend at Smile Lounge recently and I was very nervous, even though i do the very same treatment for other patients. I fully understand how you feel and empathise with you. I used the cough technique for the injection and it worked really well.
— Dr. Hiten Joshi