We want to make your visits to Smile Lounge as easy as possible and offer various payment options.

Do remember that you don’t have to carry out all treatment in one go. We can often phase treatment to make it more convenient. Please ask how we can help you.

We accept cash, card and bank transfer.  We do not accept cheques.

We also offer 0% finance on some treatments: we work in partnership with a loan company and can help your application for this.

Save 5% by paying for your full treatment plan fee up front.

Save 10% by joining Smile Plan. Please ask us for more details.

We will ask for your permission before we start any treatment. We will give you a written treatment plan; we do require all payments to be kept up to date with treatment.

Please see a list of common items below.

Simple Exam includes 2 X-rays and digital photographs

We check:

  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Jaw joint
  • Oral hygiene
  • Smile analysis
  • Occlusion
  • Oral cancer screen

Smile Lounge: Fees for Common Treatments

PPE fee: for aerosol generating procedures
£10-£40 per appointment

New Patient Examination, includes 2 Xrays

from £65
Recall Examination
from £40

Small X-ray, each

from £10

Large X-ray (whole mouth Scan)

from £60

Study Models, per set

from £25
Comprehensive Exam

(X-rays, Occlusion analysis, Study Models)

from £95
Implant consultation / Braces consultation
from £150

Emergency New Patient consultation

(incl. 1 small X-ray, prescription, 1 small temporary filling)

from £85

Simple scale and polish

from £65
Extensive gum cleaning for gum disease
from £105-445

Prophyflex Air Flow Stain Removal

from £45

Small invisible filling

from £95

Medium invisible filling

from £120

Large invisible filling

from £140

Root filling- front tooth

from £295

Root filling- side tooth / premolar

from £345

Root filling- back tooth / molar

from £395

Crown metal/porcelain

from £650
Crown gold/porcelain
from £650
Crown- all porcelain
from £650
from £650
Bridge per tooth
from £650
from £95


Wax-up – Simulated treatment on a model per jaw

from £400

Single tooth implant including crown

from £1995

Sinus bone graft per side

from £1500

Full Acrylic upper and lower denture set

from £1695

Upper acrylic denture

from £895

Lower acrylic denture

from £895

Chrome metal denture

from £995

Occlusal splint – soft

from £145

Occlusal splint – hard

from £345

Sports Guard

from £195

Simple extraction

from £95

Surgical extraction

from £150-245

PRF graft per socket

from £95

IV sedation per session

from £195

Home Whitening

from £199
1 area
from £195

2 areas

from £250
3 areas
from £295

Restylane filler per 1ml syringe

from £250

In response to many requests

In response to many requests we are now able to offer interest free credit at Smile Lounge. This can be used on any treatment between £250 and £25,000, although we for see it will be particularly relevant for implant and cosmetic cases. This will help you to spread the cost of your treatment. Please ask at the practice for more details.


At Smile Lounge we welcome new NHS patients if they are:

  • Under the age of 18
  • 18 or over in full time education
  • An expectant mother
  • Have had a baby in the past 12 months
  • On Income Support
  • On Job Seekers allowance
  • On Pension Credit
  • On Tax Credit exemption
  • HC2 certified
  • We also offer affordable private care for the majority of our patients as we believe it is in their best interests.

You are always safe with us. We are ready to help any time.

Please call us on 020 8350 5312 for further details including information on our payment plans allowing costs to be spread monthly.