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Dental Implants

A Well-proven solution that is 40 years old

Implants are nothing new in dental care. In fact dental implants have been used to permanently replace teeth since the 1960s. Dental implants are small titanium screws onto which we can place teeth. 

Dental implants have many advantages compared to traditional crowns, bridges and dentures:

  • They look, feel and function like your own teeth - you can't tell the difference
  • Healthy teeth do not need to be ground down
  • Dental implants do not need any adhesives to hold the teeth in place, they eliminate the discomfort and insecurity of ill-fitting dentures
  • Last but not least you get a secure and permanent tooth replacement.

Implant solutions for every need

A dental implant is the optimal solution to:

  • Replace a single tooth
  • ...or several teeth ...or all of the teeth
  • A treatment tailored to you

When you are ready for a dental implant, you'll get a solution tailored according to your needs.
The treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthetic and most patients do not feel anything. What's more, chair time is short - you can leave Smile Lounge directly after the procedure. Your new teeth need the same care as natural teeth. Brush them carefully and floss as usual.

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